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Designing an Energy Efficient Kitchen

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Your commercial kitchen requires regular maintenance of all of its equipment, especially its refrigeration equipment. After a few years though, even equipment that has had regular maintenance requires replacing. This becomes an opportunity for your restaurant to improve its energy efficiency.

Antarctic Refrigeration recommends that you replace your older equipment with Energy Star commercial-grade refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers. When you have to replace unrepairable equipment, replacing it with Energy Star equipment can result in savings for your business. If you upgrade your kitchen equipment all at once, you could save approximately 340 MMBTU per year, which translates to about $5,300 per year cost savings on your energy bills.

The manufacturers of Energy Star equipment don’t differ from the major brands you’re already used to purchasing for your restaurant. You’ll find plenty of options from Continental, IDW, Kelvinator, Maxx Pro, True Refrigeration, and many more. Chances are good that you already own a unit by a manufacturer that started making Energy Star compliant restaurant equipment.

While Antarctic Refrigeration only services refrigerated equipment, you don’t have to stop there when updating your restaurant kitchen. You can find Energy Star kitchen equipment and appliances for cooking and dishwashing. The Energy Star website lets you peruse ovens, fryers, steam cookers, griddles, coffee makers, and much more.

You can simply replace the existing kitchen appliances with those that easily fit in the same area, or you can remake the entire kitchen. Replacing equipment on a large scale provides an ideal time to look at restructuring or remodeling the kitchen. You can also make food prep more efficient, which gets food to the tables more quickly.

Six main designs exist for a commercial kitchen layout. Each lends itself to a different style of food. You could choose from:

  1. assembly line layout,

  2. island layout,

  3. zoning layout,

  4. galley layout,

  5. open layout,

  6. ergonomic layout.

Which you choose depends on the type of food you cook, the size of your kitchen and dining room, your menu, and the flow of the kitchen. Your chef provides the expertise on these items. Conferring with the chef on the equipment specifications needed means you can obtain energy-efficient kitchen appliances that meet or exceed your kitchen staff’s needs. If you need to install new electrical outlets to accommodate upgraded equipment, this is easy to do.

Once you have decided on your new kitchen look and equipment, call Antarctic Refrigeration at 647-995-5574 because we also handle the installation of new equipment. Let us help you with your newly reorganized kitchen.

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